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How to make your own Mac pro palette


So I recently decided I wanted to depot all my eyeshadows and keep them all in some sort of palette. The most popular make-your-own palette on the internet at the moment is the z palette but at £22 on Amazon for a large z palette, I thought this was a bit expensive. I was also a bit concerned about the palette being made out of cardboard as if I’m paying that much I want to have something pretty sturdy and waterproof.

The major advantage of the z palette, however, is that it has a magnetic bottom which most make up in metal pans will be magnetised to. For other make up pans made from different materials, they provide metal stickers to stick to the bottom of the pans which magnetises them to the z palette’s magnetic base. There are very few other empty palettes with a magnetic bottom to do this with.

The idea of magnets, however, got me thinking about the Mac palette. Mac eyeshadows are themselves magnetised, rather than the palette itself having a magnetic base. The Mac palette, however, is very attractive with a sleek design, made out of sturdy plastic, has a clear glass lid and, moreover, costs significantly less at only £14 (maccosmetics.co.uk).

With internal dimensions of about 10cm x 16cm it is a similar size to the large z palette and can fit a substantial number of make up pans in it. Once you have depotted your make up pans, all you need are some neodymium disc magnets that are about 10mm wide and 0.5mm thick and some superglue to stick them to the bottom of the pans. These magnets are really cheap on sites like Ebay (about £4 for 50), add barely any depth to the make up pan and magnetise the pan really well to the bottom of the palette.


I’m really pleased with the result. The mac palette looks really pretty and elegant and is a great place to keep all my eyeshadows safe and secure.




In case you’re interested, here’s a list of the eyeshadows that are in my palette:

theBalm Nude ‘Tude Palette – great dupe for Urban Decay Naked palettes

Various Bourjois eyeshadows

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Duos – Chic Nudes and Smoky Slate

The only ones that I couldn’t fully depot in the middle are The Body Shop Colour Crush eyeshadows – the glue sticking them into their cases is rock solid!